Urban City Wedding

I had the absolute pleasure of organising a surprise Urban City Wedding, well vow renewal for a couple from Arizona USA in September 2016. Clayton Robideau contacted me on 23 rd September asking for help to organise a surprise 10 year anniversary vow renewal for him and his wife Kate on the 30 th September 2016. At first I thought he had the year wrong and had to double check, but nope it was for 1 week’s time!

I really had to pull something out of the bag for this one, as they both fell in love with England some time ago but had never been to Manchester before so didn’t have a clue where to go or what to do.

All I had to go on was that he would like a suitable outside venue, officiant and a small bouquet for his wife Kate. As you can imagine I was in my element I love a challenge and this definitely was one.

As Clayton was in the USA we used skype to have a quick chat about his options of having the ceremony and the use of a celebrant in the city centre and just how un-predictable the great Manchester weather can be. This didn’t perturb him at all and he said ‘If it rains we just use umbrella’s’. I loved how relaxed he was about the whole thing and how trusting of me to organise it all, this is exactly why everyone needs me for their planner!

He was leaving the USA 2 days later to start his holiday with Kate so we had to carry on our communication via email, I had to be careful not to send too many emails as we didn’t want Kate to get suspicious.

Clayton left the location up to me, which was exciting I had the whole of the city centre to consider. Being an Urban Wedding planner I was in my element. After some research and wandering the city I settled on St John Gardens on Lower Byrom Street. They are one of the prettiest gardens in the city and if you ask me a hidden gem! I emailed Clayton the exact location and address and we agreed an evening ceremony would be perfect so he asked for me to arrange it all for 6.30pm.

So on the 30 th September Liz who was conducting the ceremony, and I met at the park to pick the perfect spot. Liz had brought a small blue tooth speaker with her so we could have a little music. I had put together a small bouquet of flowers for Kate, now I’m not a florist but it’s amazing what you can do with a bouquet of supermarket flowers and some ribbon.

Wedding Day

6.30pm on the dot Clayton and Kate entered the park, Liz began to play some music and I casually approached them both. Clayton introduced me, then turned to Kate and told her he had arranged for them to renew their vows, it all got emotional as I handed the bouquet to Kate. We walked over to the huge oak tree we had decided to do the ceremony under. Liz began the ceremony and it was just perfect, Clayton had given Liz all the information from their wedding vows and Liz had written them into a gorgeous ceremony! It has to be one of the most touching services I have ever had the privilege of being a part of, you could clearly see these two are still so much in love 10 years into marriage!

This was my first international booking and it was a pleasure helping Clayton plan this surprise for Kate. It just goes to show that the men can be just as involved in the wedding preparations as a woman. It was special to me as I got to truly be a Manchester Wedding Planner and plan a fabulous City Wedding, well vow renewal!

I wish them both a life time of happiness