Planning urban weddings in Manchester comes with its own tasks and I must be prepared for every eventuality, this gorgeous summer weather we are experiencing is sending my poor brides into a spin. I for one am a summer person, I love the summer and the warm weather it brings, but let’s face it we’re not used to it in the UK.

Already this last couple of weeks I have had brides in tears on the phone to me asking how can I stay cool on my wedding day? What if they can’t get my ring on because my finger has swollen, what do I do about tan lines?

Panic not I say, I have a few handy tips to help you through your wedding day, whilst we have this unusual summer heat.

<h2> Here are my top 10 tips <h2>

Tip 1. Stay out of the sun as much as you can if you are prone to swell in the heat, stay in the shade and drink plenty of water and when I say this I mean around 2-3 litres a day. It can help with bloating and keeps you well hydrated.

Tip 2.  In the last few days running up to your wedding again try to stay out of the sun, especially in strappy tops, especially if you have a strapless wedding dress. The last thing you want to try and do is have strap lines and then try to cover them with fake tan, trust me unless you can get the right shade it won’t work!!

Tip 3. The morning of your wedding have a cool shower, and stay in a cool room with a good sized fan or air conditioning if you have it. This will keep your skin cool so you don’t sweat and swell. Try not to be running around on your wedding day morning, all your prep should be done the day before so you can relax and get your hair and makeup done. This should help when it comes to exchanging the rings as you have stayed cool your fingers should not swell.

Tip 4. If you are travelling from one place to another to get married, then ask the car company to have the air-conditioning on in the car for a good hour before you get into the car. If you’ve opted for an older style car that won’t have any then I suggest you invest in a couple of small hand-held fans to help you in the car whilst travelling.

Tip5. If your venue had a large outdoor area then you may want to consider some umbrellas to keep shaded from time to time, no one wants to pass out from the heat on their wedding day, also the guests may also want to stay shaded too, these can also double up as a super cool prop for photo’s.

Tip 6. Ask your venue to provide plenty of cold water for the guests and yourselves to stay hydrated, as tempting as it is to continuously drink alcohol all day it’s not a great mix when there is a lot of sun involved so try to drink water after each alcoholic drink.

Tip 7. Your makeup artist will almost always have a fixing spray with her, so when she has done your makeup this will be applied, and it will help to fix your makeup in place all day, also makeup blotting paper will be handy to have on you, just in case you find yourself a little dewy you can blot this away with ease without ruining your makeup.

Tip 8. You’re going to sweat in this heat, that’s not going to change and there is nothing you can do, so if you are wearing a big dress or a 3 piece suit make sure you get a good long lasting deodorant and maybe have one to hand at the venue so you can just nip off and use it as and when, let’s face it no one wants to be a but wiffy on their wedding day do they!

Tip 9. Store your perfume or aftershave in the fridge, this will be a quick way to refresh your skin and will help to cool you down a tad as well as keeping you smelling nice, especially when you will up close and personal all day.

Tip 10. Sun cream!!! I know, I know they don’t always smell the best but if you have one that either doesn’t have a scent or has a nice scent then put it on, especially If you’re having photo’s in the blazing sun, lets face it you don’t want to look back at them in a few weeks’ time and look like a lobster now do you??

Images by Kerry Lou Photography & Stott & Atkinson