What is the Best Wedding Dress for your shape?

Every woman should have the confidence to wear whatever they want on their wedding day. It is the most special day of their lives, and it is important that every single bride feels fabulous!

Choosing the best wedding dress for your shape can be hard to do from just looking at dresses online. We often think (I know I did) that we want a certain dress but then when we put it on we don’t feel 100% right about it.

Many times brides will end up with a dress they love but never imagined they would pick, it’s normally the individual working in the wedding shop that would convince the brides to try on a dress they never would have picked up before and watch them fall in love with it.

Why is this? It’s simply because they know what dress suites what body type, it’s their job, day in, day out.

If you have decided to order your dress online then following the advice below should help you make the right decision.

If you are looking for the best wedding dresses for curvy figures? Or perhaps the best wedding dress for hourglass figure?

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Which Body Shape are you?

Here are some things to consider when choosing your wedding dress:

Think about the fullness of the skirt – will it suit your hips?

Are you comfortable with a low back?

Do you want to wear a bra?

Are you big busted?

A wedding dress for small bust and wide hips?

What colour do you prefer?

Do you want a dress that’s fitted or loose-fitting?

Do you want a knee length or long dress?

Apple & Pear Shape:

Apple and Pear body shapes will often have a bust that is larger than their hips and are well proportioned, however they may lack definition at the waist. With this in mind shopping for a flattering silhouette is often about creating a balance. If this describes your body shape well then look out for the following types.

These are:


-Princess line

-Ball gown


Hourglass Shape:

Are the width of your shoulders roughly inline with your hips but with a narrower waist, then you are classed as an hourglass shape. You will want to avoid relaxed shaped dresses, instead going for a dress that hugs you in all the right places.

-Corset style


Inverted Triangle:

To the inverted triangle shaped bride, the focus becomes with the inverse of the triangle, which means usually adding volume to the bottom half be using a fuller skirt to balance the broader upper body.




If your shoulders, waist and hips are pretty much in line, with basically the same bust and hip measurement, then you’re a ravishing rectangle body shape with little waist definition and often a small bust.

If that sounds familiar then the following are your go-to silhouettes:



-Ball gown

Now you have more of an idea of the shape of dress that suits your body type, take a look at John Lewis wedding dress selection. You can separate your search options from shape, size and colour.

I hope this guide as been useful for you and helps you pick out the perfect dress.

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